As a hospitality professional with 45 years of management experience I still have the drive to learn.  It's what keeps you sharp.  I had the opportunity to attend Smooth Transition eight month Certified Culinary Arts Program and I loved it!  I walked in the door EXPECTING to be educated and I was!!  The instructors were TOP NOCH.  The education was SPOT ON.  I wish I had the time to do it all again. C. Williams, Student

The Riverside County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is proud to support the WEI program.  Creating sustainable partnerships will have a direct impact on reducing the teen drop-out rate, pregnancy, homelessness and crime rates.  The WIB looks forward to the success of the Smooth Transition, Inc. program and a longstanding relationship that creates "infinite opportunity, long lasting prosperity" for our workforce Ric Olalde, Chairman, Riverside County Workforce Investment Board

The calling answered by the advocates at WEI provides opportunities to the youth of our community through their educational programs and mentorships.  In addition to keeping young people on track academically, they develop their life skills and mentor them through the employment process.  Smooth Transition's ultimate goal is to create contributing members to our communityRusty Bailey, Mayor, City of Riverside

The volume of people obtaining their GED in our DHS and Cathedral City offices is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes!  You are changing lives and potentially future generations.  I so appreciate you and how you connect to people in a way to get them to want to succeed!  Your success and the success of Smooth Transition is monumental.  I have been in the welfare business 23 years and I have not ever seen successes like we are seeing nowRenee Sauve, Regional Manager, Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS)

As the Mayor of Desert Hot Springs partnering with schools such as WEI is important to the future of our residents.  We know that training in vocational, culinary and cannabis will lead to a strong work force.  The proper training will lead to higher paying jobs, home ownership and the true pride in our community.  WEI is a great stepping stone to a secure future for residents of Desert Hot Springs looking for a better future.  - Scott Matas, Mayor, City of Desert Hot Springs

Education is the key to success in the cannabis industry and WEI has built a program that will lead to positive results for both the students and employers. The Southern California Cannabis Council has partnered with WEI to develop educational and business best practices for the industry, and we see education as they key to achieving these goals. We wholeheartedly endorse these programs!  - Rayce Jonsrud, President of Southern California Cannabis Council.


8/22/19 - Online Vocational Training

9/18/19 -Cannabis Education & Career Expo


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The lessons learned in this class are applicable to grant writing and to life. If you are looking to improve your grant writing and yourself, Dr. Goins is a great teacher to have.  I signed up for this class based simply on her bio. Nothing else. In just a few weeks I found the authentic writer inside me and fell madly, deeply in love with her teaching style.  If you follow her lead you can and will do great things, but you must be willing to jump in head first and never look back. Thank you for a wonderful season of personal growth and significant development of my grant writing abilities. -  Lupe Ramos Amith, Mayor, City of Indio