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Our Programs

Business Administration and Management Program


Agriculture and Horticulture Program

Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Program

Grant Writing & Nonprofit Management Program

Hospitality Management Program

Professional Automotive Custom Coating Program

Cannabis Medical Consultant Program

  • *OCC = Optional Cannabis Concentration is available for students who want to add the additional courses

  • Students have the option to complete individual classes and receive an individual certificate for each class completed OR complete the required list of courses to obtain a Master Certification.

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Our Academic Options

Online Education

We provide comprehensive accredited online programs through our state of the art LMS system. WEI utilizes asynchronous learning where the instructor and the students in the course all engage with the course content at different times (and from different locations). The instructor provides students with a sequence of units which the students move through as their schedules permit.

On Demand Learning

On-demand learning is a training strategy for how a learner gains access to knowledge based content in real time, anywhere and at anytime. Our courses are on-demand, but students are not on their own. Students can start classes at their pace, and when they are ready. This means students can start learning right away as opposed to a traditional academic learning schedule.


Upon successful completion of a course or full program, student will receive an accredited vocational certification. Students can take one class for a single certification or take a series of courses to obtain a Master Certification.

Internship Opportunities

Students who complete a Master Certification track will complete an approved vocational internship as part of their program completion.

Career Training

Students can complete their certification(s) as part of their career training track. Students who complete a Master Certification will receive career support services to assist them in their vocational endeavors.  

Virtual Learning Tools

In addition to working in our LMS system, students will attend live and recorded lectures to further assist them in their real world learning and application.

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